The TrustPointe Difference is a global provider for background-screening solutions. We provide customized services that help mitigate the risks associated to hiring.

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Since 1994 our industry experience success has come from adherence to our unparalleled standards in service and our dedication to meeting our customer's needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure our clients use the right information to mitigate risks, reduce liabilities associated with the employment process, and ultimately hire the best person possible for the job.

Our Clients

Our clients range from corporations with large human resource departments to small business. We provide service in more than 3,500 locations globally to people and businesses that need the truth fast and accurate.

About us

Founded in 1993 TrustPointe has become a leader in background screening services. Our success comes from adherence to our unparalleled standards in service and our dedication to meeting our customer's needs. TrustPointe created one of the first software driven order and retrieval systems in the industry and we continue to evolve our technology; providing our clients with the best web-based human resource services available. See how easy it is.


Social Security Number Validation and Address History

SSN Validation is your first line of defense against a bad hire. This product combines searches from more than 70 million records to verify that your applicant's social security number is valid while also providing a list of possible past residences.

County Level Criminal Searches

County level records contain felony and misdemeanor cases and are used to identify applicants with violent tendencies, history of theft, or dishonesty. It will also reveal an applicant who is attempting to withhold conviction information from you.

Sex Offender Searches

Sex offender searches cover every state and will provide information on charges and the status of the registrant.

Federal Criminal Records Searches

Federal criminal records provide information on crimes committed on the federal level.

County and Federal Civil Record Searches

Civil court records provide you with public information filed by your applicant or against your applicant.

Driving Records (Motor Vehicle Reports)

Driving records reveal applicants or employees with patterns of reckless driving behavior or who are driving with an invalid license.

Education, Employment, and Reference Verifications

Education verification is a part of ensuring that your applicants have received the required training or education for the job. Employment verification is to check that your applicant has worked the positions and length of time stated to you on their resume. Reference verifications make sure that your applicant has professional and healthy work habits.

Credit Reports

Credit reports contain financial information reported by major credit bureaus.

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